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Born in Cracow in 1983, Daniel was a creative student and he decided to pursue a career in fashion starting with a course in leather design.

With his passion developing, he decided that he needed leave Poland for new inspiration and opportunities. Paris was his first stop where he worked in retail and started designing with fabric in mind rather than leather. After this, he spent time in Madrid working, learning and building his catalogue of designs.

It was a spontaneous trip to visit a friend in Manchester that started his next chapter. He decided to spend some time in the UK and started a busy and successful career in hospitality. This enabled him to fund the next stage of his designs and start to get them made by a team he had met on his travels

In 2009, at the age of 25 Daniel felt that it was time to devote all of his time to fashion. He bought a one way ticket to Ibiza and quickly fell in love with the Island.

The impressive scenery and new relaxed lifestyle made his ideas develop quickly and the Daniel Jacob Dali (DJD) fashion label was born.

Ibiza gave Daniel opportunity to meet many interesting and creative people, one of which was Paris Hilton, who is now a close friend and remains an inspiration to him.

With an impressive catalogue, Daniel took his designs around the world on photo shoots and fashion shows. He was invited to do magazine, tv and radio interviews. DJD was now getting worldwide attention and orders quickly followed. Whilst in New York, he was asked to designed jacket for Joan Rivers who later invited him to fashion police in Los Angeles.

Daniel is loyal to his roots and is currently writing for a major Polish newspaper about fashion and lifestyle where he has been named him the next Karl Lagerfeld.